Dining Table Styling Ideas For Autumn Winter 2019

Dining table styling has become an extension of our home interior decoration. A well styled dining table creates a feature in a kitchen diner or dinning room. Gone are the days a special occasion is needed to style a table with beautiful decor. Below, we give you some dining table styling ideas for autumn winter 2019.

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What do you need to style a dining table well?

  • Start with great placemats, they set the tone for the rest of the dining table decor and frame the table perfectly. You'll also know what space you have to play with between each table setting. 
  • Give your guests space to spread out. It's advised not to put decor between actual place settings as guests may feel they can't relax.
  • When choosing dining table decor play with different heights, like tall pillar candles, small tea light holders and different types of candles. Setting the mood with candle light creates a special ambiance in the room. 
  • Find decor with character. Make your guests smile with beautiful yet fun decor that draws the eye around the table. 
  • Choose autumn winter decor that you can style on your table from the start of the season, you'll be able to enjoy it for longer. Then at Christmas, add some extra sparkle. 

At Lydia Fahy we have sourced autumn winter decor that you can enjoy from October to January. Timeless in style, beautiful and fun in design. 

Below is details some decor we think you'll love to create the perfect dining table styling for autumn winter 2019. 

Ernie the Polar Bear

He will happily sit on the side and enjoy Winter and Christmas with you and your family. 

Polar Bear Pot Hanger

Transform any pot, candle holder, drinks bucket or shelf with a seasonal Polar Bear Pot Hanger.

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Heart Candle Holder

A truly stunning glass heart candle holder. The pretty chrome stain glass design creates a beautiful ambiance and reflection when lit.

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